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Hey folks,

Welcome to the Ismailblogger. Where aspiring part time Entrepreneurs learn how to hustle their hustle dreams into reality.

When I started Niche site project 1 case study, I was aware that several things will stop me from writing.

Especially the routine that I’ve, as I work with Government, Public sector, students and my own team, working on the creation of Amazon Pro’s and Con’s Plugin. so it’s very difficult for me to manage all these things.

Apart from that I have a small family and it’s my responsibility to take care of them as my father died back in 2002. You can read my whole story here.

Yeah, Its difficult to manage time but I am passionate blogger. I love to share my experience, blogging strategies, new case studies, techniques with you guys and my busy routine is not gonna stop me.

Anyway, coming back to Amazon Niche site project case study, I am thrilled to see the January results as it was a great month in terms of traffic and earning. The overall results were amazing as compared to 1st month.

So in January 2019, I noticed that my blog performance wasn’t that much good, Keep in mind that I was using A2hosting shared plan that I still recommend to every one.

From the last several months, was searching for the best CDN and backup company that can help me in speeding my website and taking auto backup. I used to have updraft and Keycdn but wasn’t happy from Keycdn Support. Secondly, I hate installing extra plugins that kills website speed.

So one day while studying different hosting platforms I came to know about 7 hosting companies comparison post by mathewwoodward where a low-cost company was competing with wp engine, kinsta and other top-notch companies and amazingly the end results were amazing.

Without wasting further time, I visited their website and started conversation with Live chat and surprised to see the 3 sec Response time(I still regularly contact there support 3-5 time a day with same response time).

After an hour of live chat, I was completely satisfied by the service they were offering and so purchased their basic plan. And within 1 hour my website was live on their server without any issue.

Things I really liked in wp hosting is there prompt response(3 sec response time), fast migration, free CDN, auto backup and Website speed optimization free of cost without any plugin with no extra cost.

So if you are fed off of hosting with a lot of problems I would recommend you to give WPXHosting ( 1st month 50% discount) a try.

Below is the speed of the same website according to Gtmatrix and Pingdom. Keep in mind that there are roundabout 20 pots on main page of the website with sidebar and featured images.

Ismailblogger wpxhosting review
ismailblogger performance

The second thing that I did was shifting from mythemeshop to Themeforest Voice theme. The only reason of shifting from mythemeshop to Voice theme was the previous experiment on another website where the website CTR decreased to from 2% from 4% after shifting.

Traffic Stats:

Overall it was a great month as the traffic increased without any extra work like social media sharing and comments, it was tough month due to so many issues but the performance was amazing. Just by posting regular content I achieved my 2nd month goal. You can see the stats below.

Niche Site Project 1 2nd month Earning

As you can see the traffic went up from last month. A positive sign that motivated me & my team to work more hard on the plan, but unfortunately I couldn’t due to several meetups in the local industry like Durshal, a startup started by KP Government, online interviews, and UNBSuccess course video creation.

Ultimate niche blogging success is my course that 2nd version was launched on 15 Feb. In this course I help students by showing them the right direction to earn passive income from amazon niche blog. Most of my students are earning more than a $1000 a month you can see stats on my blog.

Niche Site Project 1 2nd month Earning:

If we see the webmaster tool impressions that increased from 500 to 1.5k.  I really liked the smooth upward flow of impressions with less work.


In December month I published total of 25 articles in which 8 were commercial while others were informational content. In January the total published content num was 33 that reduced to 25 due to more focus on quality.

The size of commercial content on avg was 3000/post and informational one was 800-1000 words with related images and videos.

We tried of adding 1 external links to authority websites as that indicate your content as genuine and research-based and by giving the link you show the relevancy and thus google start ranking you closely to that niche related blogs/content automatically.

In also tried our best to target keywords with a low search volume of only 20-100 results. I follow the KGR technique with custom tactics that help me to better understand the nature of my competitor.

As mentioned in 1st month case study I have a team of content writers who are dedicated to work day and night to reach success. So the content quality is node out excellent. They are dedicated and committed to their work.

Niche Site Project 1 EARNING:

The previous month earning was 1.31 dollars while the January  was $65.96. According to Niche site project (an inspiration for me to start this case study). His 4th month earning was only $6 due to U.S holidays. But in my case, it was quite good and so I expect more growth in upcoming month.

Indexing Issue:

As compared to Nichesiteproject I also faced the same issue in content indexing, after checking several links of my website I noticed that most of them are not index yet It was an alarming situation. As we mostly rely on our content and if they aren’t rank so obviously something we are in loss.

In that case some of the questions comes in my mind.

Should I delete content and republish them or Should I build backlinks

Obviously No, these things are not gonna work for new blog. The fact is Google hates your blog if your site age is less then a year. So the last option that came into my mind was to go to google and try to Fetch as Google and thats really work for new blogs.

I did that and I was shocked that within 24 hours, Google pick all of the content and showing that particulars articles in different SERP results. That’s what I learn why should I wait for Google to crawl my site naturaly if I have an option to index my site fast.

Search Engine Optimization:

The 1st question that user asks whenever you share your blog statistics is how do you do SEO ?.

Before the purchase of this domain, I was committed that I will do regular link building. After publishing 15 articles I hired a virtual assistant for email outreaching but after 1 month of hiring I realize that he is more interested in giving me lectures (about how things work “really?”) instead of bringing me results and thus after a serious discussion he left office without proper resignation. Yes this guy waste my time and money 🙁

Anyhow I started manual email outreaching for the 1st time in my life by creating custom email e.g hello [a]

In 20 26 emails, I received 16 positive responses. Some of them was with price tag while others were more curious about the content quality. I had build 11 backlinks out of them 8 were No-follow and rest Do-follow from general to a tech blog.

It was a great experience and the results was enough to .., the site domain authority directly jumped to 14, PA 15. and DR to 24 PR 18.within 2 weeks

Final Conclusion.

Overall it was a great month with a positive increase in traffic as well in earning. Many newbies stopped working at this stage. Believe me, proper keyword research, quality content and on page SEO is the only thing that stands at the end of the day.

Yes, of course, Backlinks matter but not at the start if you have small team.

better to go for content and keyword research. More focus on your inside instead of the website and you will see the results eventually.

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  1. I can see a lot of progress has been made since the first post. 😛 No doubt a very informative case-study. However, I am curious and eager to know about the theme shift ( mythemeshop to Themeforest Voice theme). I am unable to understand, Did the shifting increase or decrease the CTR? Also, I would love to know the reason behind; in both cases. 😀

  2. Amazing Sir! I wanted to start earning by doing blogging as I was free after my graduation and could not find a job. So I saw through your efforts and joined the course to get the right direction.

  3. Great work Ismail. Your project is coming out nicely.

    I’m on the first month with my niche site. I only earned $1.88 in February. I’m hoping March will be better.

    I’m keeping up with your updates!


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