Build a Profitable Niche Website within 3 months

3 months niche blogging . course

One of the fastest and easiest way to learn and build your niche and create a smart income source with UNB Success version 2. Learn the strategies and techniques that no one talks about in the blogging community – I am here to reveal those technique that can lead you to earn a decent amount per month with proof.(shared below)

Your Idea… Your Passion… Our Unique way to start a journey – Enrolment started Feb -2019.

in 2017 some people approached me on facebook and insisted to teach them amazon affiliate blogging, i started giving lecture on very small amount.

Few of them had receiving good results and so i thought why not to create a course that can help many people with 1 time investment only. and so i buckled my shoe started working on making amazon affiliate course.

Believe me the decision taking time i thought it would be a 1 week activity but you will be amazed that it took me 6 complete months along with ajmeel rehman and 1 assistant who was helping me in slides setting and module designing.

Anyhow i launched my amazon affiliate Blogging course on 4th of January and you would be amazed to know that i got more than 40 registration within 1st 3 days. that showed me that people are interested in buying good stuff and learning new things from mentors.

More than 250 students enrolled at that time.

the journey was so tough due to no experience how to manage the course and group with personal facebook support (the most difficult work). but anyhow that 1 year went well.

below are some of our students earning screenshots .Normally student afraid of earning there screenshot but still i got few that i am sharing below.

in October while experimenting different techniques i came to know about a method of generating money from the start of your blog from one of my student who was working on that method. and so i did my research and created a blog with him and yah you would be surprised the results were amazing.

$44 in 1st month, $56 and so i directly started another blog on 2nd December , here is the 1st month casestudy.

And surprisingly that blog went very well in terms of sales as well as ranking. you will see the 2nd month results in few days that are amazing.

At the same time while starting another blog i did an experiment and created 3 batches of students as an internee to check wether the method only working for me or for them also and yah it worked well for all of us.

That was the time i again decided to shared these techniques with those who really want to build there online career as a blogger. and so on 4th January i started working on course creation and finally its completed on 28th January .

So here i am with the 2nd version of Unbsuccess

Last year,in 2018, i launched UNB Success the biggest-step to guide students and participant to be financially independent.

For more updates and details related to success stories visit here

Proudly saying, UNB Success Version 2 is ready to launch, as the previous version had fantastic participation and response from people.

This version is designed to have hands-on methods to practically implement the tools and strategies.

In this course, the free as well as paid/premium tools such as Ahref, Semrush, Kwfinder, and Keyword revealer are discussed in detail.

I along with my team will practically teach you how to make a life changing blog within 3-6 months. a proven hands on training where i am providing 30 hours plus recorded videos, regular live webinars, SOP’s(standard operating procedure), ready made template for keywords , outreaching and outsourcing and group, website live as well as email support.

For more details of modules and course enrolment Visit this link.

  • As compared to the previous course, extra effort has been made on
  • Niche selection Keyword research (8 techniques to get your desired niche keywords) .
  • Website development (full WordPress course from basic to advance website designing)
  • informational and commercial content writing tips, techniques and practical information gathering and publishing guide.
  • Onpage SEO guide (Content SEO by yoast/ Seopress / Rankmyth Setting).
  • 15 Basic/Advance techniques of generating high quality backlinks free of cost.(with ready made templates).
  • 1st time added SOP’s that normally missing in any course.
  • Amazon monetisation.

Most of us are confused, how to buy a domain? And where to host it?

Don’t worry i’ve covered it as well, you will learn all the primary process and how these are owned, UNB Version 2, has all valuable information’s in one of the modules.

Here’s a twist, Ismail hasn’t skipped any single information related to the blog, either its related to content, SEO, email out-reaching, guest posting and all vital information that are important in building and promoting niche.

So, that’s all I guess, and the rest will be revealed in webinar.

Don’t make yourself; Wish I had enrolled! As it is your chance.


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