4 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Earn More Money

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Affiliate marketing is one of the effective methods of monetization for bloggers especially beginners. Amazon being the largest eCommerce platform in the world gives a decent amount of commission up to 10 percent to marketers, which makes it the top priority of digital marketers. if done right, you will end up earning 6-7 figure money in a month only through amazon affiliate marketing.

Amazon affiliate marketing program remains very basic however it can be very time consuming and a lot of manual work is needed to be done. for example You have to insert the affiliate link to every product manually which takes a lot of time and effort. now here the plugins come handy.

I have researched a lot about best amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress and experimented on countless plugins in the past few years for my amazon affiliate sites. I have found some gems which gave me great results in terms of revenue generation and saved me a lot more time. Here I have compiled 4 best amazon affiliate WordPress plugin sites which will make your life easier as an affiliate marketer.


AMALINKS PRO is an emerging plugin and becoming popular among bloggers. It has everything you need in an amazon WordPress plugin. if you are


  • Insert links to your post with few clicks.
  • It also inserts a link to your product images so if a visitor clicks on the product image it will take him to Amazon.
  • Create a box for the product showcasing its features.
  • Create a comparison table to help visitors of your site with decision making.
  • Search for products within WordPress editor.


It is a premium plugin and has different plans with different features. A specified plan for bloggers called blogger is $67 per year.

2.AAWP( amazon affiliate WordPress plugin)

The purpose of aawp is to increase the total value of your amazon affiliate pages. Aawp helps you convert your readers into buyers by offering different options for product display.

  • Comparison tables to compare the features of different products Showcase boxes which highlight the product features.
  • Bestseller list.
  • All the product information will be updated if the product information or price is updated on the Amazon site.


It is also a premium plugin having 4 different plans. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Easy Azon

Creating affiliate links for a product through an amazon website is a huge hassle and time-consuming. Well, luckily easyazon does the job for you. With this plugin you can create text links to any amazon product with your WordPress site editor.

You can also create text affiliate links that will open in a new tab instead of loading on your site thus keeping the traffic stay longer on your site. This practice will help you improve your SEO as the buyer will continue to read your blog while buying.

Easyazon4 comes with a link localizer which will display a link for that particular amazon product based on the location of the visitor.

4. Genius link.

Not many beginner affiliate marketers know that the Amazon affiliate program is country-specific. It means that Amazon will not give you commission for the sales made in other countries through your affiliate link because you have not signed for the affiliate program of that specific country.

It means that either you give up on the potential sales commission or create country-specific links for every visitor who intends to buy through your affiliate link at the right time.

Is it humanly possible? Obviously not

Here geniuslink(geni.us) comes to the rescue. geniusLink is a universal link provider that will use amazon associate account according to the location of the buyer so you don’t miss out on your sales commission. It means that geniuslink will combine all your associate links and make one universal link so when a customer clicks on your affiliate link, the link will apply the associate account accordingly.


Initially, you will get a 14 day free trial with full access to their services. They have different plans that you can choose from. The cheapest one is ($9 per month) does the job for you.


So these were the 4 best amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, which will help you do affiliate marketing more efficiently as they have helped me. I hope you have decided which ones are must have by now. If you come across any other plugin which should have been added to the list then mention it in the comments.

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