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Do you want to earn passive income with YouTube and freelancing but have zero skills? All you have to do is copy and paste.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I had the same thoughts until I came across a tool that turned out to be a game-changer. you can make at least $50 per day through freelancing and much more on youtube just with the help of this one tool. Hard to believe?
Stick with me and I will show you how to do it.

Before talking about the tool, let’s all accept the fact that making professional video content needs editing skills and the use of technical software which many of us can’t do. To be honest, I have tried many video creator software which claimed to do the job for you without you lifting your finger but most of them were disappointing and too much of a hassle for someone like me who has almost zero video editing skills.
Surprisingly, INVIDEO  turned out to be very different from the rest.

Invideo is a video editing app that creates attention-grabbing videos for you within seconds. It has hundreds of templates for different video types like youtube videos, social video, promo videos and short video will also have access to more than 3 million stock images and videos and copyright free music to choose from. You can also add voice over or use an automated voice over option.

Now you must be wondering Such a professional video creator must be pricey. Sadly yes, but I have good news for you. Use this discounted link and you will get 25% percent DISCOUNT (Use VLOGGER25 during checkout) So grab it now.


Invideo is very simple to use and needs no technical knowledge. The only effort you have to make is to have a script on your hands.
You can let invideo create the video for you, but you can also change the video as per your requirements or make a video from scratch. It depends on your creativity how much changes you is the limit.

  • You can choose from 1500 plus templates available in invideo each designed for different categories and niche. You can also customize the templates.
  • Add free stock images and clips from 3 million stock images of invideo as per your choice.
  • Choose background music from the vast music library of invideo
  • Invideo supports all languages, so it allows you to target your local audience.
    HD automated voiceover. 

How can you make videos for youtube with INVIDEO?

Youtube is such a huge platform that it has a potential niche for everyone.there. are thousands of channels which get millions of views just by turning an article to a video.
For example, you can create a motivational video channel. All you have to do is collect some motivational quotes and turn them into a video through INVIDEO. You can select background music and images as per your style.
Product reviews video is another idea that you can look up, plus you can also include affiliate links in the description of your video.
Slideshow videos like the top ten cars, best TVs in 2020 attract huge audiences on YouTube.

Earn $50 a day on Fiverr with invideo.

Article to video Gig:

If you search “Article to video ” keyword on Fiverr you will see more than 4000 search results, which means people are paying for this service .you can earn at least $50 a day.

Short video Ads:

 Have you noticed that you have been seeing a lot more video ads than image ads in the past few months or so? 

Well, that’s because video advertisement is the future of digital marketing and has become the most popular medium of marketing used today. As per statistics,  91 percent of online marketers use video content in their marketing strategies. Studies show that consumers pay.
close attention to video ads as compared to any other advertising medium.

You can jump into the wagon and make some passive money by offering this service on Fiverr. Here you can see that people pay a much higher price for video Ads which you can make easily in invideo however you have to be a little creative.


INVIDEO offers these two plans with both monthly and yearly prices however you can use my link to buy it at 25 percent DISCOUNTED price.
I highly recommend INVIDEO as it is the most hassle-free among all video editors out there in the market. It’s completely automated, so you have to make little to no effort and get the job done in record time. if done correctly, you can make a hefty sum of money this way. I will continue to use INVIDEO for making different types of video content because as of now, I don’t any better alternative than INVIDEO.
If you have any questions about my experience or have used INVIDEO, then feel free to comment below.

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