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Today we have a very inspiring case study and I am sure it will inspire most of you who are looking for a better way to change their lives with blogging. 

It’s the story of Rafaqat a blogger who turned from broke to a millionaire

Life was never easy for a guy born into a middle-class family in Chakwal; he studied engineering but soon realised it wasn’t his field, so he switched to BA, but hard luck! Tired of being jobless he just moved to Dubai to work there to support his family.

However, things became even more difficult there away from family, tired of the workload working day and night.

While he was a guy with a dream of having a completely different life, where he lives at home working from home, having an office, a car, a more advanced laptop, and a recent iPhone.

His dream never came true until he got done with everything and started searching online for a way to earn and support his family financially, and miraculously he found out about Ismail Blogger.

And from thereafter his life changed forever.

This case study will introduce you to a blogger who has found great success. So what can he teach us about achieving blogging success? Keep reading to find out! Here are all the questions that I have asked.

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How did you get into blogging?

I wanted to know more details about how Rafaqat Ali changed his life forever from a broke to a millionaire and these are some of the details he shared with us.

I began my journey in 2017 when I found Ismail, and just started following him on all

platforms, through which he used to update me with the latest ways of making money through blogging.

And then I just visited his website iIsmailblogger.com and read all about him. I was very impressed by his content and style of blogging. And as a result, I started taking his course but let me share something under the wood, the story!

While having tears in my eyes, sharing this story with you I feel no shame that yes I was that broke. I couldn’t even afford his course before taking it, so I approached him about it and he gave me a huge discount and allowed me to pay what I could.

And further added that taking his course was the only best decision that changed my life forever from a broke to a person earning in millions.

And here is the next question I asked him.

How did blogging change your life?

Through his course, I established my website by following all the procedures he did mention in the course. And with the grace of almighty, my website started earning in just no time. And changed my life forever. 

If you are curious about the course, Below is the complete video and link to other relevant details.


And I sold my very first site for $15,000. A person who has always struggled couldn’t even afford Ismail’s PKR 10,000-course fee has earned 3 million.

Then I made another site and sold it for 8000$ and this is how my journey began! and now Alhamdulillah I own many sites earning 3000$/month. Inspiring, isn’t it? 

Excited to know how he made the blog which earned him 3 million? this is what he further added when I asked him the same question.

How did you start your first blog? – (that earned 3 million)

You might be wondering how I started my first blog. So here I am going to share all the steps that I have followed to make my first blog.

Here they are:

Niche research  

Niche is a specialised field of personal interest about which you want to write or share your experiences. And niche was the first thing I spend most of my time on doing proper research and following all the steps Ismail has mentioned in his course.

Keyword research

The next step is to identify the relevant keywords. How did I learn about keyword research and why short or long-tail keywords are important? Here is the link to a detailed video of Ismail explaining how to find keywords.

Apart from this i;ve made several other videos related to keyword research that you can find by clicking HERE.

  1. Quality Content

Once you have a niche and long-tail keywords picked out for your blog, it is time to write unique compelling content that will attract readers from around the internet. The quality content ensures that even without promotion, your site will receive a healthy level of organic traffic.

  1. Best Tools 

It is essential to have the right tools when it comes to blogging. In fact, they are the backbone of any successful blog and can help you make money from your efforts in short time.

For affiliate marketing, all you need is a good hosting company, a theme and few plugins in order to make your blog successful and make money from it.

As luck would have it, I found out about the deal offered by you about installing free premium plugins on our website when we buy hosting through your link, so I bought it without a second thought.

The user might still want to know which tools were used on my website and to what extent they were used. Below you will find a list of the tools used on my website.

I have used the following tools to make my blog journey a successful one. While I know Jasper is a bit pricey, it is worth the expense. Also, you can use Frase and quilbot to help you do the job with ease.

How is life as a blogger now?

I am now earning enough money from my blogs so that I can manage my time the best way I can, like giving my family, friends, and everyone the time they always deserved.

Alhamdulillah now I own a car and also multiple websites that are earning 3000$/mon. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it is something you can accomplish with the right approach and dedication.

And the most exciting thing for me was when I finally met my mentor Ismail blogger and shared the same YouTube channel screen from which I have been learning for the last 5 years. I can’t just put it in words how happy I was. 

And he concluded his answer to this question with these beautiful words that just keep in mind that you can always start today if you’re serious and content about your passion.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Alhamdulillah, I have already achieved most of my goals which was a dream for me some days when I was struggling outside of my country.

Now I am focusing on a website which is already making 3000$/mon I want to take it to 6000$/mon and also I am working on my new site which is already in the market and is making good money I want to expand my site content to 10000 articles both commercial and informative

Which special AI tool do you use?

The primary tool that I am using for my blogs is Jasper AI.

I have been having a great experience with Jarvis AI !. and It is the best AI tool on the list as I am using a lot of other tools but Jarvis has no match. It works the best for blogging. 

There are many reasons why I love it, but the most important one is that it is aimed towards high-quality content. And has the exact features that I need for my blogs to succeed. Additionally, a major reason is it works so well that you have everything at your best, the quality of content the word choices,

Ahh, it made my life a lot easier and better. It knows exactly what I need to make my blog better! Overall, Jarvis AI is a great tool that is currently helping me scale up my blogs through its quality content beyond my expectation.

Here is the link if you want to learn about and want to grow your website..

Advice to people who want to start blogging

Just start it! Don’t wait until you have all the skills. It takes time but it will get better over time with practice and determination, so don’t give up too easily.

Believe me, blogging is what it sounds like! It is easy. You can start earning 6 figures just by following a few steps given by Ismail blogger himself right now without any prior experience or skills required just by taking his course.

Here is the link to complete blogging course, stop procrastinating and grasp this opportunity and accomplish all your dreams too. 

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  1. I am 14 y/o, I can’t buy the hosting so I am using the free WordPress 1 year plan. If I get traffic, I will inshallah buy the premium plan. I want help, I know how to write, but I don’t know what to write, plz help me Ismail blogger!


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