Why The Heck I Charge Money for My Course


Yesterday a Friend of Mine asked me that why you People charge money?

So Below is the answer!

After spending almost 7 years of my life in the blogging world, I came to know that people do not give value to the free stuff Or maybe in my case as I taught for almost 3-4 years in different universities for FREE but never got the output up to my level of expectations.

And the reason was only the free stuff! That can learn any time from a guy who was always ready to help them any time and was available at their doorstep (Peshawar).

1st: What I believe about your question is that at my notion it was to make myself figure out the real worth of “ME”, like I as from myself that Why you are giving training to someone?

There are so many ways one can learn, from Google, Youtube or even from different blog posts, by posting questions in your group and by following your YouTube channel. So here I would like to mention that if one is interested in learning from me individually or want to join my classes then I will charge as I am giving my knowledge, years of experience and a model that can encourage him/her to learn, implement and earn in the short time span.

It’s not just to know “what you can charge?” But realizing “why you can charge it?” Because once you know the actual dignity of yourself, your product, and your brand. Then it makes it so much easier to sell. When someone knocks you in PM.

Secondly, you can see that unlike every other occupation on the planet, there is no real industry standard for bloggers, especially not for the things like how much bloggers can or should charge? And because everyone is just making it up as they go along, it can also make it hard to justify the value you and your blog bring to a brand.

In blogging there is nothing for free, you have to pay for hosting, domain name, design tools, plugins, and of course promotion, if you want to change your life.

So if you are someone who cannot afford the basic $30 fee, then you can’t step into this field, because if we talk about the blogging concept, so that is almost changed nowadays (or maybe I am doing it in a different way).

The 3rd reason for charging money is that I also need a reward for my hard work, time, attention and specifically the information that I am learning from last 7 years, so what I think is that few thousand rupees are nothing in front of that experience which I share with my students.

Must consider, it will take much of time if one wants to learn without a mentor. And at the end I must share that when I started charging money, believe me the number of followers and students increased immensely and from NO ONE I became SOMEONE you know MOHAMMAD ISMAIL.

People started following and taking my advice seriously and the reason was only those few bucks charged from them. Because you know, it became a national concept that the thing which is offered free has no worth than the expensive.

But one can make him/herself clear that free things are actually very expensive, because the person who offers, is actually paying his attention, time and experience. Those are indeed more valuable than a mere cash note.

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