Writing Tips – A Complete Guide for Beginners

Blogging Tips

Blogging is a field where any blogger's main focus is to rank his website on top, and to do that high content quality of blog must be there, if the content is not good enough then that is not good for stats.

Take a look at very interesting tips for writing which i am going to tell you for better content development.

Quality of content:

Three things must be kept in mind when writing a blog

1. Content must be unique.

2. A well written content is very fascinating for readers.

3. It must provide reader a helpful and relevant information.

Steps for writing a quality content Article:

Without further ado let’s learn about these useful steps in making of a good blog post

1. Select topic wisely:

Topic must be unique and make sure that it was not posted before on the internet. 

This might be a bit difficult but isn’t that difficult because every human writes according to his mind and not all logics comes from different people are the same.

  • When you are writing about a product or any other specific topic about anything, first think about it pros and cons.
  • Think about the class of people which would like to read about this kind of stuff and keep an eye on the competitor webpages.
  • Always put the best information with reference to outbound links, which attracts for users.
  • Add multimedia and make post fascinating.
  • Research completely before you give your thoughts on something

    Must cover all important points in your article and to get important and useful information, get help from online resources like QUORA AND YAHOO QAND A.

     For more description read all the blog posts which are already on the internet and try to develop an idea for your blog post.

    2. Research for Readers:

    Always think about keeping your readers happy by providing them a delightful content to read and try to help them through your post. Always research well before writing and try to know that what kind of information they would like to get from your blog .

    You can send emails to different group of people using email marketing and surveys .Ask questions about the post at the end, through their answers you can make an analysis of their needs.

    3. Engage with the reader:

    Write your content in such a way and to the point that your readers’ feels connected to you and enjoy every word of it. People love those bloggers to whom they can talk frankly, so you must do it for you readers .This will help you build strong connection between you and your website visitors.

  • Add links to the other websites so that the readers get attracted towards your post just like sharing your link on facebook.
  • Add such terms and suspense that makes reader to read the whole description.
  • 4. Length of the Post:

    Most of the most are very long so readers don’t like to read such long and tiring posts and most of the posts are very short which lack information which reader is looking for, you must do it with intelligence, if you have a long description to share then divide it into atleast 3 parts with headings and subheadings. Delete irrelevant details and words.

     On the other side if you write short posts then add multimedia to it so that it won’t look a simple blog post.

    5. Content must be Original:

    Never go for plagiarized content try to create a content which is unique and that never posted on the internet before .Google never rank such articles which are plagiarized or content spinned .

    Keep some SEO techniques in your mind and try to get your article ranked using different targeted keywords. In case of stealing others content your website could be banned from Google.

    6. SEO techniques:

    Search Engine Optimization matters a lot in ranking your content and making it better on the internet therefore always write SEO content according to the density that is required. The density of per word

    7. Quality Headings:

    Headings must be written in such a way that when reader reads the first word it makes him feel like that is the thing he was looking for, they can get an idea of what you have write about.

     Always try to engage readers so that they keep coming back on your website.

    8. Storytelling:

    People love listening to story, so if you have a point in mind and you wanna make it clear, you can make it up in the form of a story, or let's just say a line , the reader will imagine the scenario and will understand your point much better.

    Sometimes starting an article with a story is better because if it connects to the topic you are talking about makes reader entertained.

    9. Images and Videos Are The Key To Perfection:

    Like I said, images and videos are the key towards perfection by which I mean that these colorful images and videos will help add more life and color to your blog and will thus keep the reader very engaged and interested in your blog and are more likely to share or comment.

     For an instance if you are viewing an article with no graphics you may find it very dull but at the same time if you go through an article with more graphics you will find it much amusing and interesting.

     Hence making your blog more colorful is one of the good tips to write a high quality content.

    10. Avoid Repetition:

    Repetition creates boredom and a lack of interest in a content, saying the same thing over and over again may bore the reader and he can ultimately switch to another page, the goal is to keep the interest alive hence try to be specific and don't repeat things. .

    (Irresistibly Awesome Starting):

    The starting paragraph of the content must be in a very engaging manner so that when the reader reads it, he/she is directly diverted towards it and feels that this is what they might be looking for, you want to make them read the rest of your post which is why it very important to keep their interest and curiosity alive.


    These above are some of the basic tips to write a high quality content through which you can attract visitors and subscribers by providing them high quality content. Any other ideas/tips if you have in your mind or any question please feel free to comment below.


    I am Muhammad Ismail working in the online field for roundabout 8 years. Been through many hurdles, worked hard and achieved great goals of my life. The core field in which I got the command is in fact Affiliate Blogging.

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