Step-By-Step Blueprint to Learn and
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Amazon Affiliate Blogging!

  • Getting Started
  • Niche Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Website Setup
  • Content writing
  • Complete SEO
  • Blog monetization

What is Ultimate Niche Blogging Success ?

Ultimate Nice Blogging Success is an online course/training program designed to teach you a proven step-by-step method to build a niche site and earn a profit with Amazon Affiliate Program.

The course guides you by following the techniques and methods that Ismail blogger has personally applied to build a website from scratch and make it profitable.

UNB Success gives you the confidence of knowing exactly what actually you need to build a niche site and grow it so that you can earn a smart income to support your goal.

Be following the exact step-by-step process; you can build your niche especially Amazon that will earn from$300 to $3000 a month in 6-month to 1-year; the rest depends on your hard work.

Your income level doesn’t stop there. The course also includes valuable growth lessons that will help you to scale-up your site to earn more and potentially become a 6-figure business in 2-4 years down the road.

Our Program in a way that Truly


What YOU Will Get ?

Video Lessons

30 Hours + Video Lessons with High Quality Video Resolution and Sound.

Action Plans

UNB Version 2 Course Allows you to Understand your Goals, Develop a Plan and Implement.

SOP’s Template

Standard Operating Procedure that will Guide you How to Access and Use the Course.

Instant Feedback

Send us your questions and queries via live support, email or Group and get Prompt response,

Supportive Community

The Supported Community of Facebook Group is Designed to Support and Encourage Individuals Query and Questions.

Ultimate Access

Get an Ultimate Access for 3- Months to Full Understand and Implement it with in-depth lessons.

Let’s Make Something Great

In the educational process you’ll do many practical work and will be able to form your own portfolio, which can be used in your future work.

We work with top IT specialists who have a talent to share their knowledge and give professional advices to students. All of them work in IT industry and know about the latest tendencies in this sphere. We stand for the full development of skills, that’s why we work on both hard and soft skills, which are equally important.

Let’s recap what you’ll  

  • Full access to the premium coaching program (8 Core Modules and 120+ video lessons)
  • Worksheets, checklists and workbooks for each and every lesson you learn.
  • Step-by-step action plans at each and every step to eliminate all confusion and guesswork.
  • Regular check-ins to make sure you get the most out of the course.
  • Access to extra features for premium members only – plus receive special perks & discounts.
  • Lifetime access to private discussion forum ($47/month value)

Full Access

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Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 7
Module 8
Module 1

Module 1 – Power up yourself to Get Started?

An ultimate guide to know how to take a heathy start. Get on the track directed towards the success in the field of affiliate blogging. Here you will get to know:

  • How I have been through all the circumstances to develop myself successful in affiliate blogging.
  • Important points before starting a blog.
  • Complete criteria of how to direct traffic towards your site.
  • Core points to generate money through your blog.
  • Strategies to manage your budget to set up a blog.
  • A trip to know about Search Engine Optimization – A complete SEO Guide.

Module 2

Module 2 – Step-by-Step Niche Selection Process.

This module helps to support your strong points and removes the barriers between you and your success.

  • A briefing about niche selection – what are you interested in to write on.
  • Informative ways to understand niche research – 4 simple tactics to explore your interest

Module 3

Module 3 – Keyword Research – Lifeline of your Blog

The essential Part of the blog is the selection of a keyword(s). What comes first before the selection process, knowing the easiest and Optimum path to find them! This module will let you clear about the basics:

  • What is a keyword and how it is important to your site.
  • Types of keywords – which type should be fruitful to use?
  • An ultimate guide to do keyword research – manual as well as from tools.
  • Proven keyword selection tactics to be implemented.

Module 4

Module 4 – Domain Hosting & Design

Are you done with keyword research? If the answer is ‘YES’, you can proceed to the next page- Buying a domain and Hosting. Your website address must be attractive enough to get the visitor’s attention. How it is done, will clear you in the respective module.

  • What is a domain, its categories and a complete over view of its types?
  • The essential points that one should consider before buying a domain.
  • What is hosting? – a detailed description for its each type that make your concept clear.
  • Buy a hosting – Rules to buy hosting?

Module 5

Module 5 – Website Design – Complete Course

For a blogger it is not certian to know website development. In fact, many of us don’t know how to develop a site. For that WordPress is a good option through which anyone can set up his own site the way he wants. In this module you will learn:

  • Basic steps for WordPress account set up.
  • WordPress theme installation and customization.
  • A-Z description for WordPress Plugins usage and widgets.
  • Clear review on Google analytics and webmaster.
  • Page set up requirements and managing your account as an administrator.​
  • Theme setup and Advance customization

Module 6

Module 6 – “8-Best Practices” to Create Amazon Affiliate Content

To write a blog, you really need not only some useful information but also reader-friendIy content. For this purpose, we strongly recommend you to be thankful to Google and do some research. I have made small chunks of important tactics to get your content up. Let’s get in to th

  • A brief introduction to quality content.
  • Needs for a quality content on your site – along with the basic usage.
  • How to strategize your whole new content rules – complete instructions to obey.
  • Don’t know what to write on? Simple go through the step by step guide to grab the ideas.
  • Some  crucial points needs to be considered for writing strongly –secret tips and tricks.
  • How can you portray the content on site which gives information and generated revenue as well.
  • How to write a quality content.
  • Bloopers that often everybody overlook, some people won’t share but has a huge impact on your site – entirely discussed.

Module 7

  • Let’s Get in to the EYE of Google by hitting ON PAGE SEO

    These terms look short Like ON and OFF but comprises of massive information and tricks. This module not only teaches you basics but also helps you to become an SEO expert. Here we Go!

    ON Page SEO includes:

    • Handling the content and infrastructure of your site through internal linking.
    • Importance of link building and how quality links differ from quantitative ones.
    • How to set up the SEO by Yoast Plugin to handle your pages/post’s SEO normal.
    • All majors to do ON page SEO through live example.

Module 7

  • OFF PAGE SEO include a Huge Section


    • How OFF Page differs from ON Page.
    • Link Building ; Why link buliding & types of link building.
    • Types of outbound linking and certain rules to obey in order to get your site up.
    • Different sources to earn backlinks from – 10 successful methods are discussed with full detailed format separately.
    • Guest Posting and How to do guest post?
    • All the tools, resources and extensions required to set up successful link building.

Module 8

Module 9 – How to get benefits from Amazon Associate Program

All of the above-mentioned modules can help you out in making a successful blog. In order to generate the amount from your blog, Amazon Affiliate Program can accompany you with the great comfort. In this module you will learn in detail about

  • Terms & conditions.
  • Policy to work with Amazon.
  • Core points that needs to be addressed before you generate money.
  • A pure legal way to work with Amazon for Long Term.

Check Out What Our Students Say About Us

UNBsuccess course put me on the right track. The course is beginner friendly, to the point and well explained without any fluff.
From Keywords Research to website setup to content writing to creating backlinks and getting traffic, everything was up to the mark
Amanda Lee
Amanda LeeCEO
I learned many things about Amazon Affiliate marketing for the first time with UNB Success Course.
Keyword research and Content strategy are super awesome.
Mike Stuart
Mike StuartGraphic Designer
From the day one Ismail sir was very supportive and helped me a lot after a lot of struggle in blogging. UNB Success course helped me to generate few sales after 8 months. In April 2018, and after two months of struggle in June 2018 I earned 860$ sir Ismail supported me in every step.
Samanta Kocs
Samanta KocsUI / UX Designer
Ismail is a one-of-a-kind person. The one you´ll remember till the rest of your life. UNB Success course changes the paradigm; makes you jump and do things in niche blogging.
Tommy Lee
Tommy LeeManager
I implemented his strategies and extremely easy to follow guides on my niche site, from keyword research and crafting quality content to on and off page SEO. And within 3 months my blog started earning.
If you are planning to start an Amazon Niche site, YOU NEED TO GET THIS COURSE!
It’ll be the best investment you ever made.
Mila Din
Mila DinSupport
UNBSuccess Was my first training which I joined, and it completely changed my life. My first site starts making 500$+ after 6 months. Recommended to everyone who wanna join
Mila Din
Mila DinSupport
Ultimate Niche blogging training is simply awsome. I learned many things about the Amazon afffliate marketing for the first time. Keyword research and Content stategy is super awsome.
Mila Din
Mila DinSupport