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Skip The Sandbox In No Time Even If You’re Brand New

Aged Sites: Indexed For 6 Months Or More (and already gaining rank)

Why an Aged Site is So Great ?

1. NO LONGER SANDBOXED: These sites are already built, and have been for some time. Their content is already indexed, and we’ve been watching the rankings climb through the SERPs as time has passed. This is without doing a single thing to the sites other than waiting.

2. NO WAIT TIME: Since they’re already built, you don’t need to wait a month for us to complete the sites. They’re live, and ready to be transferred to your possession.

3. SAVING MONEY AS WELL AS TIME: Since a new site needs to have things done to help it along, such as link building, social signals, content additions, and all of that, you’re essentially saving anywhere from 6 to 9 months worth of costs. Sure, you’ll still need to publish more articles and build links but you will see much faster results by scaling and outsourcing with our team.

4. PREVIEW SITES BEFORE BUYING: Please contact us on Skype (live:dnlrbson) and we’ll discuss more.

In short, what is great about these sites is that they are out of the sandbox. You can start building links, adding content, and promoting the site, and see results almost immediately. This is huge, especially compared with when a site is new.

Here Are All The Features Of Our Premade Aged Sites

These are more than just aged versions of our Premium Sites


Graphic Design

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Web development

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Brand strategy

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Art direction

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You Can Do The Work Yourself... ​

Choose the perfect plan

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Cheap package for newbies




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Frequently asked questions


These are brand new sites (with the exception of our Aged sites) that are ready for you to take over and start driving traffic. Some sites, especially our Premium sites, may already have a solid organic footprint – meaning, they are probably already ranking for some related keywords.

If you follow the training we’ll provide in the courses, if you ask questions and don’t stop learning and working on your site – you’ll definitely make money. 

If you just buy it and let it sit, that probably won’t happen.

In order to filter out copycats and marketers with ‘bad’ intentions, we’ve decided to hide the URLs and main keywords from the general public.

If you’d like to see the URLs and main keywords, you’ll have to make a fully refundable, one-time deposit of 10% ($129,50).

That deposit will then become a coupon code which you’ll be able to use at the checkout – meaning that the $129,50 will be deducted from the final price in your cart.

You only have to make a deposit ONCE.

All the URLs will become visible once you’ve made a deposit (future batches included) and after you log in to your newly created account (details will arrive via email).

Niche difficulty is our own metric for determining how tough will it be to rank #1 for the main keyword.

ND 1 means that it’s going to be really easy to rank, while ND 10 means that it’s going to be really hard, if not impossible.

Most of our sites will fall into 1-5 category.

If you put in the necessary effort and follow our detailed guidelines, you won’t have any problems ranking for ND 5-7 keywords.

After you complete the purchase and we verify all the details, we will contact you via e-mail/skype and push the domain to you right away.

After that (and if you decide to keep the benefit of owning a VPS SSD hosting for free), we’ll create a WordPress user with admin privileges and share the login details with you.

You will have a complete control over the site within 24 hours of your purchase.

Yes, we can help you with the SEO work. Send us an email, and we’ll discuss the details.


Big NO! We’re all professionals here. This is what we do for a living.

Every site we create is built around your product. Everything you get will be 100% unique and catered to your needs.

If that happens, your deposit will stay on your account and you can use it on our next batch of pre-made sites or for one of our Custom Packages (contact us before you place the order).

We’ll issue you a full refund if you request it. No questions asked. Just send the transaction ID to [email protected] and you’re set.

This really depends on how much work you put into the site, the niche itself, and various other factors outside our control.

Typically though, our customers start earning their first commissions after 3-6 months, and it increases gradually from then on.

Think of this is a marathon, a long-term business, rather than a sprint.

This varies with every niche, every site, and every person. The more work you can put in, the better.

As it takes time to succeed, we recommend you choose a realistic schedule that suits you. It’s all too easy to work many hours in the beginning, only to burn out later.

As a rough guide, 1-2 hours per day would make a good start, but more or less is fine.


Yes we can. We offer training videos which will teach you how to get traffic by yourself, or you can hire us to build links and help your site’s Google rankings increase.

We only give refunds for purchases for the following reasons:

1.) The site was late and you no longer wish to wait.*

2.) There was a gross error on the site.

In both these cases we will also offer something as an apology, such as extra links, extra articles, or a partial refund. If you wish to continue with your site but feel that you deserve some compensation due to point 1 or 2 above, then we’ll be happy to offer one of the above mentioned extras.

*This does not apply to situations where logins are withheld resulting in us not being able to get into a site to build it; also doesn’t apply to sites where custom requirements are accommodated (since this results in longer turnaround)

Any other situation will not result in a refund.

Yes, if you buy more than 3 or more sites at once we will offer a discount. If you’ve already bought 1 or 2, we can still apply the discount after the fact. Contact us HERE for more information.

Everybody who follows the training, asks us questions, and sticks at it will make some money. Only you can answer whether you can do this.

Not everybody follows through and takes action.

In most cases it takes less than 12 days for us to deliver a fully built and live site to you. You can see TAT for all plans inside the pricing tables.
Beside the hosting fee there are no projected ongoing fees unless it’s a custom project or a content management plan.

Yes. You are buying  a platform to develop. Not a site which the seller has no idea how to improve. We know the potential of these sites. These are starter sites which can be developed to 4-5 figure earners when in the right hands. You Pay for the domains age, it’s potential to rank, it’s content. You can buy our custom niche sites or premade sites if you have a low budget. This is for people with the budget and looking to acquire a domain with the authority to rank instantly,

Yes, you can. We will give you a clear outline of what is required to develop this site. Anyone with time or budget can succeed with these websites.

Domain, Website files, keywords to write content, Plan for the next 6 months, webmaster account, google analytics account and social media pages if any.

No. A New Site Doesn’t Make Any Money. It Will Take Time For The Site To Settle In Google Search And Rank For It’s Keywords. Usually Sites Start To Earn 3-4 Months After Setup. Setting Up Your Site On An Aged, Expired Or Auction Domain Can Speed Up The Process.

No One Can Guarantee You A Fixed Income. Income Depends On Your Niche, Keywords, Content, Competition, Time You Spend On Your Site And A Lot More Factors. But From Our Experience, We Have Seen Sites Make $500-$1000/Month With 5-10 Months When A Seo Schedule Is Followed. We Have Seen Sites Make $500-$1000 Per Day Too, But That’s Depending On The Extra Content You Add And The Links You Build.

Though We Don’t Share Customer Sites As Sample, But we will make a website like below one.