Basic Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Every Blogger aims to increase Blog Traffic. I have seen many newbies as well as old fellow bloggers too asking this Question everywhere. The point is whenever I visit there blog; I find some necessary or essential missing things which are commonly ignored by them. That can bring or boost their blog traffic. So let me share those missing period by adopting or following them you can quickly increase blog traffic in a short time.


The more necessary and important step to increase your blog traffic is to build an email list. Make it sure that the subscription box is listed 2-3 times on your blog (pop up box, Right sidebar, below the post). So that Visitor gets the attention and Subscribe to it. The best place to make it visible is on a home page as a pop-up msg. The importance of Building email list is not only increasing in blog traffic, but through the list, you can quickly promote your business, products and message to those people who loved you, your work and your blog. It’s one of the ways to turn your readers into customers.


Increase blog Traffic is not that much easy as people think. For that, you will have to learn and adopt some strategies. Posting frequently or on regular is one of the techniques through which you can increase blog traffic. Those who blog on a daily basis with proper knowledge of that post, keywords, quality content and the right time of posting can get more benefit instead of those who do not blog on a regular basis or just copycats. According to Think Small creative business, that post content on a regular basis grows 126% more than that one that does not post content frequently. Once your blog post reaches 30-50 post. Your blog traffic starts growing (Source TrafficGenerationcafe) The best method to keep your blog alive is posting 1 content in 2 days. Yes, of course, blogging is one of the slowest methods of earning money, but once you have started Then, it will give you all the return of your time you invested in it. Another reason for regularly posting is when someone found something interested in your blog. He/she might come back to get or learn something more.So through this method, you can easily make new connections, readers, customer and so can increase blog traffic.


The 3rd most important step to increase blog traffic is the optimization of your blog content. If the post is not optimized well then all your efforts of making that post are useless. The best way to make your blog post optimized is to use Search engine plugin. (As I am using WordPress, so the post is purely on WordPress platform) I have checked all in one SEO, SEO processor, and SEO by Yoast. The plugin which I have currently installed on Blazing and found very beneficial is WordPress SEO by Yoast. The plugin contains Focus Keyword, Title, Meta description and Meta keywords, Focus keyword is that on which you are writing. As for this post, my focus keyword is Increase Blog Traffic, so I have added this keyword to my title, Meta description (in the first paragraph) and in focus keyword box. There is no such importance of Meta keywords now. So leave it blank. Do not forget to add your keyword to the picture alt tag box if you are using any picture. Also, remember to use your focus keyword 3-5 time in your post in such way that it looks natural. These are some basic tactics for optimization of blog contents.


Have you heard about backlinks? Well, if yes then ok but if not then let me give you a little bit idea of it. Backlinking is one of the methods to get a link to your blog post from another or According to Google support “Backlinks display other web pages that link to your posts” According to survey both external and internal backlinks are a good method to increase the page views and Good social ranking. If you have no time for doing a manual backlinking. Try to use SEO Smart Links which can help you in making of Auto internal backlinks. Remember one thing, do not hesitate by giving credit to another person blog. Because external linking will not only give you respect in the eyes of your readers but also increase your site reputation and ranking.


One of the best methods to get connected with the audience and increase blog traffic is to give a reply to every comment done on your blog by your readers. Because readers’ comments on a blog for getting some knowledge, they are interested in knowing something more. It’s also one of the best ways to market and to build a relationship with your customer and readers.


One of the most important but ignore tip is to include your blog Link or name everywhere like in your Email account signature, Facebook, twitter, stumble upon the profile, visiting cards, etc.. Don’t be shy as your blog is your business. Try to promote your blog as much as you can as the one of the key to success is your blog.

So above are some of the important tips by which you can quickly increase blog traffic in a short time span. If you have any question in your mind or want to add an important point Just comment below and i will answer You.


I am Muhammad Ismail working in the online field for roundabout 8 years. Been through many hurdles, worked hard and achieved great goals of my life. The core field in which I got the command is in fact Affiliate Blogging.

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