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PayPal Alternatives: Best Alternatives to PayPal for online Payment process

So you are here to know the best Alternatives to PayPal? Well! The only bank PayPal on which people have trust more than local banks. It’s one of the favorite online bank which is accepted on each and every platform for buying and selling, either you are purchasing products from Amazon, eBay or Bluehost.

If you are also the one who is thinking that only PayPal is the best way to pay and withdraw online Money. Then you are wrong. Because there are so many other service that can be used for the purpose with same features.

But before going to the Alternatives to PayPal, let me share some pros and cons of PayPal.

Why PayPal? Some advantages of Using PayPal.

It is one of the most trusted and leading payment solution for all platform that accept online payment. Due to eBay Partnership the trust factor became more powerful for accepting payment.

Some of the main reason of you should Use PayPal are:

Totally free: the first reason that make paypal one of the pioneer in the market is the free account in the start. Paypal do not charge any monthly or annual fee on their free plan package.

Send Money Instantly: Paypal allow you to send money to anyone anywhere in the world with just few click. You don’t need to take cash and go to western union, MoneyGram or any other company. All these thing can be easily done through simple email within seconds.

Safe Credit card: Paypal is the best option to buy something online. Once attach your credit card with it and then forget. Paypal will take care of everything as they do not disclose the personal of their client with any company online. They keep your details secrete while paying to any website or company online.

Discounts deals: Another reason to love PayPal is that they offer special discounts to their customers. At www.paypal-shoping you can get all the deals and discounts from big Companies like HP, Macey, eBay etc. simply copy the code from PayPal shopping website and post that into that website from where you are buying something.

Mobile application: another reason that make PayPal easy to usable is the Mobile application both in android and IOS. Through which you can easily pay the bills, and transfer of money, directly to any account within seconds. It required a confirmation code while transferring money that make it secure in the case of your mobile get stolen.

But the Question that arise here is:

 Why you need PayPal alternatives?

So there are lot reasons due to which you need the best Alternatives to PayPal available in the market. Some of the reasons are is:

  • The company or the customer to whom you are paying is not accepting payment through PayPal due to many reasons. Including 1 that is no access to PayPal in their country or PayPal direct ban without any reason.
  • The second reason is same like above one and that is the ban of account after getting high amount with and without reason. If you think this isn’t true. You might be right. But if you search in Google. You will find a lot of complaint’s again PayPal.
  • PayPal is too good for small amount of payments up to few thousand dollars, but if you are the one who is work is the receiving and sending of payment online. Then you should need to try another methods like 2checkout and wire transfer as again the reason here is, they ban account on transferring huge amounts.
  • And the main reason due to which you should need to try the best Alternatives to PayPal is: the ban in your country like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Thailand.

So below is the list of TOP —- Best Paypal Alternative that you should use as online payment process.

Google Wallet:

Google wallet is the 1st best online solution for bloggers and business man to send money to any one online.  With simple 1 tap on your smartphone screen you can receive and send money to the web anywhere anytime without any fear of lose. But the sad news is that this great services is only available for U.S residence.

If we talk about the fee Structure  of Google wallet, the best alternative of PayPal that make it special is the free money sending option directly from bank or Google wallet account to another merchant account. Also it’s totally free to get money in your bank account from Google wallet without any charges.

The application for Google wallet is available for both android and IPhone flagships. One of the best option which Google wallet is giving to its customer is the badge on website with text BUY WITH GOOGLE J


According to me one of the strongest competitor of PayPal now a days is Payoneer. Which allow its user to send and receive payment from any Bank any time with the feature of $2000 limit on withdrawal. Which is huge for those who don’t have access to PayPal in their countries.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or Freelancer. Stop thinking of how you will withdraw the amount earned online, as payoneer is one of the major payment solutions of all big companies like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr.

You can withdraw or send money to any other payoneer account by simply through email address and can also withdraw the amount through local bank account.


Skrill (Moneybooker) is the 2nd best option that is in competition with paypal allow you to buy, send or receive any amount of money online with a credit or debit card. It charge different rates in different countries. But still I would say one of the best solution. Skrill charge 1.7% to 2.9 % on advertisement while paypal charge 4%.

Another reason that is making Skrill the best paypal alternatives is their debit card service for all customers. While on other side the paypal debit card is only for Unite states.

The only disadvantage of Skill is that they charge a small amount from the account if not used for 1 year, while PayPal do not have such feature. Also PayPal is easily accessible and available on every big shop. While on other side Skrill do have the option but a type of partnership with Skype, Odesk and eBay etc.


PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) is almost synonymous with online payments, but it is not alone in the growing digital money space. Nearly every consumer market is moving online; for example, consider Amazon overtaking Walmart as the world’s largest retailer, and the fact that consumers are turning to online payment systems in record numbers every year. The industry for online payment platforms is always innovating, and major players are starting to take notice. There is a lot of room for competitor services. Apple, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Samsung have all created rival platforms, and there are plenty of lesser-known alternatives already available in the online payments marketplace.

PayPal was founded in 1998 as a libertarian experiment by a group of tech superstars, including Elon Musk, Max Levchin and Peter Thiel. By 2002, it became the go-to brand name in online money management and was bought by eBay. Total PayPal volume hit a record in Q2 2015 with almost $66 billion in net total payments, but it is far from monopolizing the industry; 2015 is expected to see north of $430 billion in mobile payments alone.

One advantage PayPal has is it is a huge, multiservice platform; competitors are not always as diverse. For example, Payoneer, Inc. focuses on online shopping, and Stripe is designed for online businesses. Other options compete on multiple fronts, including Payza, Inc. and Google Wallet. Each brings something unique to the table, so the best alternative likely depends on the individual consumer’s online money habits.


Skrill is probably the best-known PayPal alternative. The company boasts 36 million customers along with 150,000 merchants in 200 different countries. According to Skrill, the only countries without a presence are Afghanistan, North Korea, Nigeria, Cuba, Myanmar, Sudan and Iran.

The major area where Skrill, formerly Moneybookers, touts its services over PayPal is in terms of advertising fees and transaction costs. PayPal earns 4% or more for every transaction, while Skrill charges between 1.7 and 2.9% based on size.

Skrill offers debit cards to all customers, while PayPal limits debit cards to U.S. customers only. This is especially useful for travelers, since the card can be issued in euros, pounds sterling or other currencies; you do not have to pay a conversion fee. Skill also has a more straightforward fee schedule for business debit cards.

One area of concern for private users is the inactivity fees; if Skrill accounts are not used for 12 months, a small charge is assessed. PayPal does not have this feature. PayPal’s biggest advantage over Skrill is in terms of merchant acceptance. It is simply easier for many shoppers to use PayPal because almost every major retailer is PayPal accessible. Skrill has some notable partnerships, including eBay, oDesk and Skype, but it is not as ubiquitous as PayPal.

Payza: Payza is the new version of Alert Pay payment system owned by MH Pillars London based company. One of the best online platform that is competing PayPal in both accounts.

 Payza have the same features in personal account as like PayPal. Free transfer of online money, working on mobile and bank integration and Money exchange etc. Its competing even PayPal with more than 190 branches across the globe.

Amazon Payment: Amazon Payment solution is another best alternative to Paypal. The things that make amazon payment solution perfect is the unique method of payments classification, that work differ. Simply go to amazon payment main page, create your account and start buying and purchasing of the product or service you needed. But try to make sure that the payment system you are adding is valid.

One another good point of amazon payment solution is that you do not need to leave the website where you are buying something. Just fill out all the details over there and click proceed button.

This service also save your time in buying and entering then the information merchant website require to cut the money from your account. They have built-in feature of auto filling.


Wepay is the only online solution that call itself the best alternative of paypal (anti Paypal). That provide its best to the customer without leaving the main site while purchasing something. This not only help customer to trust more on the company but also give them a type of thought that you are more important for us nor your credit card numbers.

It’s also one of the best option for those who are thinking of running a campaign on Gofundme, the bank account is added automatically and so you don’t need to add the details in the start of starting your campaign.

  • 2Checkout: To checkout is not like straight alternative to paypal. It is especially for those people who have the same accounts. It is actually beneficial for those all those business who are in the business of selling and purchase of services and products. 2checkout support 8 payment process includes Debit card, KCB, Master card, Visa card, and PayPal etc.

Dwolla’s:  Another best alternative to PayPal is Dwolla’s payment process. The main theme is to pay amount easily to someone working online. Its have the same service like paypal person to person transfer. The posstive thing is that they have the apps for android, IOS and Windows phone. The fee structure of Dwolla’s payment service is very low as compared to PayPal. One another benefit of using Dwolla payment service is that their phone numbers are available on the website main page. That is like call to action in case of you face any problem

Some other payment process:

There are some other payment solution that are like competing paypal from one and other side. Below is the list of those payment services.

Intuit: intuit is one of the best payment solution option for small business which help in paying employees, calculate taxes and in payroll tax form.

Click2Sell: The one and only solution that accept payments from PayPal, Skrill, credit card and PayPal. The most powerful thing in this system is the tracking of affiliate and automatic sales management.

  • Selz – Selz is specially designed for small business like bloggers and freelancers.even you can use it in your wordpress blog that make it easier to reach to your account any time. 

Final Words:

While the above list contain all the big names that are currently trying to compete PayPal. But still I would say there is No one in the list who is the real competitor of PayPal.

The aim of listing the above best Paypal Alternatives is to reduce the stress and tension you have of how to withdraw or send money to someone without paypal.

What do you think is their chances of that someone will take the initiative and will through their own service as a strong competitor of PayPal.

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