Adil Kamal Title Animation

I am Adil Kamal. I am Logo designer and Logo animator also has experience in product visualization in 3D, I had these talents since 2013, but beside this I was not aware from freelancing or I even didn’t knew that I have a talent of freelancing or I can be successful in this field. But then I met With Muhammad Ismail in October 2014. Muhammad Ismail always knew that I have talents in me but I am not utilizing it properly.

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“Everyone has his or her own unique power. It is our responsibility to find that power and use it to the fullest capacity; we should serve the other people”

When I was 17 years old I always wanted to earn online and for that I have even tried several website but failed. One day Cecos University (Peshawar) had arranged a seminar for the IEEE student, that was a motivational seminar and they were supporting freelancing & blogging, 

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Muhammad Uzair Freelancer & Web Developer

After working in a Private University for 8 years and quite a good salary I decided I have to do something other than serve somebody. I had to explore my options and test my skills. Well unluckily this plan blew up in my face and I wasted almost a year, until I met online with Muhammad Ismail (blogger).

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Engr Mansoor Habib Affiliate Marketer
Asim Khan Virual Assistant

Niche blogging with Muhammad Ismail has changed my life I always wanted to earn online but I never believed it and I thought it’s very hard to earn , but Muhammad Ismail changed my views about Internet business. with his deep knowledge and great character solved my every query and gives me an ultimate motivation which resulted in that I became level 1 seller in the first month on Fiverr platform and now I am earning from RS 20,000-RS 30,000 monthly .

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