Earn $6 to $7 Per Hour With No investment

“To earn money is not an easy task and every single penny requires hard work”

Do you want to know that How to make $6 within just one Hour without any Investment?

This is a step-by-step guide for exactly what you need to do for start making $6-7 an hour online in an easy way. This guide is one of the fastest and easiest way to learn and help you to make online money without wasting your precious time. A lot of people waste many years just to find a way to make online money, and the method described in this guide is very unique and to the point.

Learn CrowedSurfwork in URDU/HINDI 

For a single person only $6 dollar per hour is a good amount because it helps him covering his daily expenses with part time online work. However, let me tell you that there are so many people who are not making money easily online. In ranking websites and selling SEO services.

I have earned most of my money online in the SEO industry, and I am still working in this SEO industry with a good progress. However, the SEO industry requires a lot of skills and strategies and hard work, for that you need to work with different companies to make money online. This method is incredibly easy, simple and with step-by-step reading you can start making money in a real quick time.

As I am working on a higher level of search engine optimization techniques, I have decided to share some useful tips and tricks with you.

Let’s start from here: (step by step)

[sociallocker id=”601″]Most of the people want to earn in real quick time and are ready to work for less than 7 $ per hour, which means this is the right guide to follow .You may have some aims in life and for completing them, you want to make money. Therefore, I suggest you online earning because every single dollar I have earned online is because of my hard work and dedication. To earn money is not any task and every single penny requires hard work.
Any investment required to start work?
Do not worry about any investment plans which most of the online earning platforms demand.


This earning task is very simply in which you just have to convert audio files into text format, then you can easily earn 0.08 to 0.012 dollars per hour and so on.

Conformation and Test Required:

In this guide, you will learn some tricks and techniques that allow you to make up to $6 each hour. However, before doing any other task you must need a confirmation from the provider by passing an easy test. The text is too simple means you just have to follow their systematic guideline of like how to transcribe the audio file into text. If you have access, then you will be able to do tasks and start your online career! All the money that you will earn can be withdrawn to Payoneer or PayPal in a single business day!
>Transcribe up to 35 Seconds of General Content to Text – Earn up to 0.10 Cent per HIT!

Starting Guideline:

Crowdsurfwork.com is the website that offers the transcription service. For visiting the website, click on the link below:
Once you opened the website, the scroll down to the button with text “Join us on work Market”
By clicking on the above button, a new window will pop up, asking you about some basic details like:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company Name (Tick I Am a freelancer if you don’t own any company)
  • Phone Number and your residential address or Postal Address, you can check the postal addresses of Pakistan HERE.
  • Choose your primary industry where you want to work, you can choose any one related to your field or area of interest.
  • Add Password that you remember

Next Steps:

By verifying your email address, the signup process will be completed. Many people claim that they do not receive any email regarding the verification, so in that case you must have to check the promotional email, spam folder or updates category as shown below.

You should receive an email asking for confirmation and you have to complete the sign-up process by clicking on the link to enter into the website.
If you do not receive any email from [email protected] or [email protected] in the next few minutes then you must have to check your spam folder.

Creating Work Market account:

After you sign up into the Work Market, you receive an email that tells you to verify your account. This is how you will get your payment, and through this platform, you will be withdrawing your money. After you click, get started, you will be signed up on the platform.

  • Please click below to confirm your Work Market account.
  • Confirm Account.
  • Once you login, you will have to create your profile on the Work Market platform.
  • Great! You are now ready to search and apply for assignments.
  • A few tips before you get started:
  • Complete your banking Information so you can withdraw your funds
  • Complete your tax information so you can get paid for assignments
  • Add additional skills to your profile to become eligible for more assignments


Entering Withdrawal Information:

For withdrawing your earnings first, provide your both tax details and withdrawal information. On the left sidebar click on accounts, that will take you to another page where you can create a new account. Click here for creating new account. This is where you will enter your account of PayPal. After the submission of tax detail and getting approved, now you are able to withdraw all of your earnings that you make on platform.

How to withdraw money from crowedsurf

Working with CrowdSurf.com

After creating new Work Market account, you must have received an email from CrowdSurf titled “Join my Talent Pool on Work Market”. This is where you will take a test for start making online money by doing transcription, and you must need to pass this test because without passing the test you won’t be allowed to proceed. In the test there are 18 questions and you will need to read guidelines of Crowdsurf so that you understand the method that how you do transcription. That guideline cover all of information that you need for test. Below you can find out the link for guideline. I suggest keeping the guidelines open while taking the test. You will get the answers if you fail the test. Note the answers of questions and try again for the test on another day.

Guidelines: Click HERE to See The Guideline

Crwoed surf test
For earning money, you must have to pass the test. However, if you fail, take the test again on next day or create a new account of Work Market and give the test again. Since, you noted the previous test answers and you will easily pass again. After passing the test, you receive an email that says, “Congratulations you passed the test”.

The email saying about reviewing your results and says that you passed the test. The above image let you see that how email looks like. For making account on Crowdsurf you must need to get this. After that, you will need to wait for an email from CrowdSurf.com that provide you the information for login. Normally, that email take 5 to 10 business days to create the account after you pass. Once you receive the congratulations email, you can log into your account and start doing easy tasks. Below you will find the email, once you receive your account is ready for making money.

Once you successfully log into platform, you will easily start earning money by just doing simple tasks. After login, there will be tasks available. Click on view, and you will start doing work. For listening the audio, you need to press the play button. Then you can type in your own words that what you hear from audio and submit the information details.

After submitting, you will start making online money. Most of the tasks are simple that pay you 0.08 to 0.12 dollar. Majority of tasks get auto approved, but a few will be on pending for moderation. You must need to submit the accurate transcription of voice note into text. If you start submitting spam with the audio than you will not make a single penny out of it, as your spam transcriptions will be disapproved because the rules don’t allow any fake work.
There are a couple of ways that you can use the platform. If you are typing into the platform, I recommend that you change the area that says “Expert: No Auto Pause.” and change it to “Standard: Play for 5s, pause for 3s, rewind for 2s.”

If you keep working on the platform by converting the audio then you will simple make between 4 to 5 dollars with an hour. That is still good online money and some people will make a good decision to do it like this. Since there are many of other tasks available, that allows you to make consistent money.
However, I am copying a technique here from a book that I bought from warrior forum. That technique is helping the writer in generating up to $7/hour. You will also make money by listening the audio and talking into the microphone of your computer. This is one of the best way to make money easily with CrowdSurf.

How to make $7/hour talking with CrowdSurf

For this method, you will need to have a Google Chrome browser open. It only works with Google Chrome. The setting for the CrowdSurf audio should be on “Expert: No Auto Pause.”
Expert: No Auto Pause.^
You will need to go to This link

Web Speech API Demonstration


Click on the microphone icon and begin speaking for as long as you like.

English United States *
On the right side click on the microphone and you will start talking on your microphone. The microphone will pick up your speech. You can play the audio on CrowdSurf and then you say again the words into the microphone of your computer. It types automatically all the words by Google speech. Then, you just have to copy and paste all the words from there and copy it on the CrowdSurf. Sometimes, you may need to make some minor edits to the wording, but the book founder explained the technique on the best method of easily transcription audio into text format. With using this technique, you will earn 7 dollar with an hour. Below you will find out the picture of some of the earnings of the book founder that he made through the above technique. The money goes directly into Work Market account, and one can easily withdraw that earnings through PayPal.



Once you start making online money with this simple step to step guide, it may just be what you need to actually start making your goals come true. This $6 per hour method is the basic step to provide you the money that you want to establish your online career. With these earning you will be able to bear your own daily expenses, and after this experience you won’t complain about having no skills at all or not getting any online job after applying on so many sites. I just wish you the best of luck regarding your future with this amazing guide.
If you have any question or query let me know through below comment box. I will be happy to help you.

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      1. assalam o alikum ..dear brother good work .please tell every body in this world may be people searching some easyway for earning money …….
        May Allah be with you at every step you take,
        May Allah guide you in each decision you make,
        May Allah help you when life gets rough,
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        May Allah sooth your heart when you don’t understand,
        May you always be in Allah’s loving Hand.. Ameen

  1. informative guide sir, many people think it’s easy to earn money online but it’s not..!
    kindly publish a guide on affiliate marketing in which you reveals your secret tips to get success in Affiliate marketing.

    1. Hello dear,
      Thank you for your comment. Yes its easy but its not as online earning money also need time and dedication.
      Sure from next week i will try to cover the affiliate marketing guide..
      Stay tuned 🙂

    1. Dear Ameer
      The only payment method they are accepting is Paypal. If you have any relative or friend abroad. tell him to create an account for you, that’s the only method of legal paypal account.

    1. Hello Aftab..
      Glad you like it.. and yes don’t forget to visit again for new method.. Allah bless You Ameen

  2. Bless You Bhai 🙂
    & Thank You So much for being so considerate by putting all this effort for us new fellows
    and sharing the techniques by buying the actual book
    Jazak Allah

    1. Hello Ali Zain
      I am honoured that you like it. Yup i bought that book just for the purpose if the technique is really workable than i will share that method with my followers and interestingly the method was too unique and easy.. so the result is mentioned above 🙂

      Thank you for writing the whole content.

  3. Asslam-0-Alikum,

    First of all, i want to say you thanks for this such a helpful information. However, I’m not able to complete my profile. The page stop loading when clicking on ‘continue’ button after filling out my mobile number and setting up my profile photo on this page.

    I hope you will response me as soon as possible and show me some way to fix this issue.

    Thank you!

  4. How many tasks are available at a time? I mean what if there are no more then 6 to 7 tasks available at a time so completing them wont even make me 1$

  5. Payment method is only paypal?
    Or payoneer or bank account is also available for transferring payments?

  6. MashahAllah nice article for taking good start as a beginner,Many people wasting thier time on click to view ads so that is good opportunity to make some dollars 🙂

  7. Ismail Sahib , you are young experienced Blogger.
    Either it is right to share with Pakistanis such a method in which for withdrawal of your money you need Paypal which is ban in Pakistan ?

  8. Assalam o Alaikum Ismail Bhai thanks for nice sharing, sir I facing test issue u have any solution for passing the test?

  9. Hi. Ismail. I have tried to clear the test but I get stuck in the Video transcription test. You have guided to use a software. But I can’t figure it out can you help?

  10. Thank u so much for sharing it. The paypal account, if a friend from abroad open it. It will be on his name then can it be given in the website for payment? Thanks

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