4 Golden Rules Of Blogging to Follow

I want to share some common rules of blogging in this post which I’ve learned from other bloggers.

These rules will help you in your blogging career and also in getting more traffic for your blog and the benefit of Twitter users of you out there.

Everyone has their own way to doing things and there will always be exceptions but this will probably work well for you.

Below are some basic rules of blogging which is very important to understand for every blogger.

  • Value of Your Blog: Provide value to your blog, for example my blog here at IsmailBlogger I provides Money Making tutorials, blogging tips, and Search engine optimization techniques etc. But what is the difference between my blog and others ? The main factor is that the blog provides value to you,  You don’t want to miss it and that is the reason someone subscribe to your blog.

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  • Make Your Blog Stand Out: There are a lot of thing to do to make your blog unique like have a good design, Write original content, write long detailed posts, bring an authority figures for interviews and with a lot of other things.
  • Always connect with your readers: Make it easy for your reader to connect. Most peoples read big blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable and they know that Michael Arrington is the owner of Techcrunch and Pete Cashmore is the owner of Mashable. All I want to say is that let your reader know about you. Easy way to do it is to make an informative About page on your blog or share your personal storied in your blog posts.


  • Easy To Read Content: Make your blogs content easy to read and understand for your reader. Always spell checking your posts before you publish them, After 3 or 4 sentences include paragraph break and use bullet points where necessary.

And another important thing is keep your blog updated always because reader want more and more information to for their blogs ranking.

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About the Author: IsmailBlogger

I am a professional blogger and social media activist famous for blogging & SEO all around the KP, Pakistan. My life Aim is to spread Love with the help of my Blogging expertise.


  1. Asalam-o-alaikuM, Ismail bhai!

    Having your own voice delved into your blog always adds up a lot of good impression on the readers.

    The love of your content is the most observed part in the success of the blog. The more your share the content, with consistency, it multiplies the love.

    And you know that networking is the core of blogging whether it is to connect with the readers and with the fellow bloggers to into the radar.

    So, great tips you shared with us! 🙂

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel

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